Nigerian Gas Association

NGA Study Groups

NGA Study Groups

The NGA study groups are to spearhead research and explore viable methods to further develop the nation's vast and untapped gas resources for domestic utilization. The findings of these study groups are collated and significantly enhances the association’s advocacy capacity, thus enabling better synergies with the government and other important institutions to promote technical, regulatory, and contractual best practices for the gas industry.

The NGA study groups are listed below:

Network Code & Infrastructure

Study Group 1

Gas-To-Power Value Chain

Study Group 2

Legal, Regulatory & Policy

Study Group 3

A key criteria for eligibility to join the any of the study groups is an up-to-date Associate Membership with NGA. Prospective study group members may tender in their nomination of any of the study groups to

Ike Oguine

Study Group 3 (Legal, Regulatory & Policy) Chair


Advisory Legal Consultants

Dr. Ransome Owan

Study Group 2 (Gas-To-Power Value Chain) Chair

Group Managing Director

Aiteo Power and Gas

James Odiase

Study Group 1 (Network Code and Infrastructure) Chair

Head of Commercial and Snr. Manager

Seven E & P

Victor Okoronkwo

Study Group Chairman


Aiteo Eastern E & P

Dr. Abraham Magose Eju

Study Group Coordinating Chair

MD, Energy BUsiness

Total Solutions